(CBR) After wishing his audience a “good afternoon, good evening and goodnight,” Truman Burbank is ready to wish you “good morning” again.

The Wrap reports that Paramount’s new television division is planning a slew of new shows based on their movie catalogue, including one possible series inspired by "The Truman Show". The Jim Carrey-starring drama focused on a young man who lived in the same town for his entire life — without ever realizing that the whole experience was fabricated and documented as a reality television project.

A television show about a movie about a television show — that’s some meta-level development right there. Given the right creative team and talent attached, a "Truman Show" TV series could actually be worth exploring.

Beyond "The Truman Show", Paramount is also reportedly looking into making a new series based on the "Terminator" films. If it moves forward, this would mark the second live-action "Terminator" series following Fox’s ill-fated "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", starring Lena Headey and Summer Glau.

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