There’s a lot of information to parse from the 58-second clip Paramore released to tease the arrival of “Now,” the group’s new single out Jan. 22. The track comes from “Paramore,” the rock band’s next album —and first to feature them as a trio— out April 9. Justin Meldal-Johnson produced the album, the group's first since 2009's "Brand New Eyes" and the 2010 departure of founding members/brothers Josh and Zac Farro. The band is now singer Hayley Williams, bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York.

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Five things we learned from the trailer:

*If the video is to be believed, the song was cut primarily live (or that could just be for effect).

*The members of Paramore make lousy ballet dancers, but have mad basketball skills.

*There's some serious handclapping going on in on the song, and strings.

*”Now” opens with a beautiful, haunting vocal refrain before exploding into guitars and drums.

*Wrapping a dog in bubble wrap never gets old, unless you're the dog.