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"I was so angry that it was making me shake," Sarah Paulson told Salon of shooting scenes as Marcia Clark for last night's Clark-centric episode of American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. She certainly isn't alone. Viewers on Twitter have been venting their retroactive anger on Clark's behalf ever since the episode aired, with regard to the show's dramatization of the rampant sexism and outright misogyny Clark faced while serving as the head prosecutor on O.J. Simpson's murder trial (you can read Alan Sepinwall's review here). 

Among the scenes that so enraged viewers is one in which Clark (Paulson) is the recipient of a wildly sexist comment by a grocery store clerk while buying tampons; another involves the humiliation she endured about being pressured into getting a perm, a move she was told would make her appear more "likable" but which only opened her up to further scorn by a vicious press.

Though all of this happened more than 20 years ago, the harrowing episode brought to light Clark's brutal, unfair treatment in the press in a way it hadn't before, and the outrage is frankly long overdue (but still welcome!). Here's a sampling of the Twitter outrage broken open by last night's episode:

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