Yep, "Glee" and "Two and a Half Men" still have one more season to go, each.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

The musical FOX show, the former Charlie Sheen-starrer plus other previously beloved TV shows like "Justified," "Parks & Recreation," "Parenthood" and "The Mentalist" are all heading into their series finales during this winter trek.

Some will have their strongest series finale seasons ever. Others may be limping to the finish line.

We look back at some of the lamest, most dismal, weakest final seasons in television history as a point of comparison, and these shows may have some (literally) stiff competition in that regard: read on as Alan Sepinwall, Daniel Fienberg, Richard Rushfield and Chris Eggertsen remember "True Blood," "Happy Days," "Roseanne," "The X-Files," "Gilmore Girls" and more.

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