Debuting this week on for its new season on TruTV, "The Carbonaro Effect" takes an unforgettable unique twist to the hidden camera prankster genre. Starring magician Michael Carbonaro, the show sneaks up on people in every day situations - at the car wash or grocery store - and turns their world upside down with sudden outbreaks of unbelievable feats.

The good natured tricks are both amazing for their how-did-he-do-it-ness and wonderful to watch and see people's reactions as they suddenly confront the incredible and amazing as they go about their day.

There've been many terrific moments on the show, but here are our 10 favorites.

  • Girl Genius Revealed

    We want this not to be magic!  Kids should be able to solve Rubic’s cube and complex math equations at one glance with their child intuitive powers. Despite knowing its a Carbonaro wonder, we were more ready to believe than this mother.

  • Psychic Photograph

    What part of psychic photograph does this guy need explained to him?  It’s like he can’t accept the fact that his mind made the camera take a picture of what the necklace would look like two minutes into the future after it had been broken.

  • Car Wash Attendant Goes Too Far

    The pain in people’s faces as the car wash attendant smashes their window (“I worked so long to get this Cadillac automobile and you smashed it”) is matched by the wonder when they learn that, of course, the real window has been sitting there underneath this whole time.


  • Weird Grocery Store Mix Up

    When a woman’s face suddenly appears on a milk carton, the only possible explanation can be - that special paper they print these on.  “You’re not missing I assume” asks Michael.  The woman’s insistence that she is not missing but that it is nonetheless her on the milk carton is priceless.


  • Office Prankster Finds A Partner

    Did this curly-haired office employee miss the news report about a breakthrough in teleportation? And also the one about the technology being put to use in cheap consumer products at Staples? What a confusing day.

  • Interior Design Switcheroo

    You can see the woman in this video beginning to question everything she's ever known when a staircase suddenly becomes a closet. Hoping she's okay.

  • Superhero Vitamin Regimen

    It's hard to fault this woman for thinking a smiley vitamin store employee has "special powers" after he inexplicably transforms her bottle of Echinacea into African Mango. Which sounds like the most useless superhero ability of all time, but still.

  • Small Package Has Shocking Contents

    Michael Carbonaro is secretly most effective when his hapless victims get a little bit angry. This woman from his classic trick with a bowling ball is clearly perturbed. She's worried. Naturally, he remains unfazed.

  • Grown Ups Freak Out In A Toy Store
    How is this bubble/glass trick possible? How? Am I missing something or did that bubble turn into glass right before those customers' eyes? I refuse to believe this trick exists because it defies reason. I have no guesses. No thoughts. Just awe.
  • Beautiful Painting Has Special Secret
    A helpless guy believes the forms in a painting are changing. He sputters, "That's creepy." Michael deadpans, "That's art." He clearly loves a bit of straight-faced condescension. Who doesn't?