No matter who you voted for on election day, there is a collective feeling across the country along the lines of "Whew, at least that's over."  And, as the HitFix editorial staff can attest, it was pretty hard to concentrate on work over the past few days as nervousness over the election hit a fever pitch (OK, maybe for some of us more than others).  With the outcome decided, the nation's attention can shift to other priorities.  For the HitFix staff that means means we can set finally focus on some of the big TV, movie and music events over the next few months.  And, to be quite frank, we're pretty excited about a bunch of them.

Check out 10 things the HitFix staff is incredibly excited about now that the election is over by clicking on the story gallery below. At worst, it's excellent reminder that "Game of Thrones" is less than four months away.

What are you most excited about before the end of the year? Share your thoughts in the comments section.