9) On Offerman’s relationship with fellow producer Hans Graffunder

Offerman: "Our producer came to us...I produced this film, and we had a second producer named Hans Graffunder, who is the..."

Galifianakis: "Who?"

Offerman: "Hans Graffunder."

Galifianakis: "Come on."

Offerman: "When we angered him we would say 'The Graffunder rules.' And he is a bad-ass. He was on 'The Sopranos' as a producer for five years. Now he's Terrence Malick's producer. And he happened to find the script and he wanted to make the film with us. And we never could've done this [without him]...he was the dad, and I was like the dad's drunk cousin."

10) On the casting process, Part 2

Offerman: “We cast people that obviously could handle that tone. If somebody had read the script and didn't respond to it, then we weren't interested. They had to say, 'This is super funny.' And we'd say 'okay, now let me hear you talk. Now walk over there. Great, you're hired.'”

Galifianakis: "Shit…did you look at people's headshots?"

Offerman: "No, we would have them hold a sound boom."

11) On Offerman’s future as a feature-film producer

“Are we gonna [be able to] look forward to more Nick Offerman-produced movies?”

Offerman: “I don't know. I don't aspire to produce or direct, but I've done both of those recently because my friends asked me to in a collaborative spirit. And it was really fun, and anytime I feel like I can safely not fuck up the project by having an influence on it, I love to work as hard as I can.”

12) On Austin’s lamentable scarcity of late-night dining establishments

Offerman: “We had a lot of like three or four a.m. meetings at the Denny's. Which by the way, if anyone has any influence in Austin, open up a place that serves good food between midnight and 6 a.m., please. You'll do killer business. Just some decent fucking bacon.”

Galifianakis: “This should be your next film...: 'Decent Fucking Bacon.'”

13) On running the LA Marathon (but not really)

Galifianakis: "How was your...what was your time at the marathon today?"

Offerman: "There are two...I have a different time than my dad. He says that I was...that I basically turned in 26 thirteen-minute miles. I had more of like 12:57."

Galifianakis: Because I passed you at the Koo Koo Roo.

Offerman: “You did.”

Galifianakis: “It was a good race, a hell of a race. I placed fourth this year. Surprised the shit out of me. I'm happy about it. It'll be in the LA Times tomorrow.”

14) On preparing for his role in the film

Galifianakis: “I always hear of actor people that do diets and sleep well, and...do you get into a whole rigamarole, like Daniel Day Loo-ha?”

Offerman: “Not on an indie film in Austin. ...I mean, it's expensive to do that, where you have like a team of people preparing your nutrition and your schedule. I just ate a lot of BBQ and drank a lot of beer.”

15) On Offerman’s future projects

Offerman: “I'm doing a play here in town with my wife at the Odyssey theater called 'Annapurna' that opens April 25th I believe and runs into June. I hear it's gonna be fucking wicked. I said that to my mirror this morning.“

Galifianakis: “You didn't say it was gonna be like 'Wicked.'”

Offerman: “No.”

"Somebody Up There Likes Me" is playing in select theaters now. The film is also available via VOD, iTunes and Amazon. You can check out a list of cities and screening locations (including showings at which Offerman himself is scheduled to appear) over at the film's official website.


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