News continues to roll out from "Transformers 4," and again it's in the form of a car. When the new Michael Bay movie hits theaters next summer, you can expect to see the 2013 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Coupe somewhere on the screen. 
Paramount's newly released image of the Aventador didn't contain any information along with it about which Autobot (or, maybe, Decepticon) the car might be, but older incarnations of both Sideswipe and his brother, Sunstreaker, have been other types of Lamborghinis. There is no real reason to think that Bey's movie has to follow that portion of "Transformers" history, but it could. Of course, it could just be a regular car too, but that would be kind of boring.
For those of you curious about the Aventador, the 700 HP vehicle sports a V12, has a top speed of 217 mph and goes 0-60 in under three seconds. A quick call to our local Lambo dealer indicated that the car's base price is something above $400,000.
Shooting on "Transformers 4" has already begun, with Mark Wahlberg starring and Peter Cullen reprising his role as the voice of Optimus Prime. The film is due in theaters on June 27, 2014.
Here is a good look at the Aventador:
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