The Grammy Award-winning British band Muse is set to perform as a part of the "World War Z" world premiere in London on June 2nd. Muse is scheduled to play songs that appear in the film and are off of their album "The 2nd Law."

The performance will take place at the Horse Guards Parade Ground, St. James's Park following the premiere of the film in Leicester Square. Tickets will be made available on the 28th of May at 9:00am local time. The tickets will be free, but a special Ticketmaster link and a code—available on the British "World War Z" website, the Muse email list, and through promotional partners—will be required to get said tickets. 

"World War Z" is directed by Marc Foster and stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, and James Badge Dale. It is based on the novel by Max Brooks. The film is set to open on both sides of the pond on June 21st.

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