Park City, Utah is currently freezing with highs in the teens, but when the 2013 Sundance Film Festival begins on Thursday it will be warming up to the balmy high 20s. For attendees of the festival, things will also be heating up inside the screening venues where anticipated films such as "Before Midnight," "The East," "Ain't Them Bodies Saints," "Austenland" and "Sound City" will make their official debuts.

HitFix will be providing full coverage of Sundance including reviews from premieres to interviews with the moviers and shakers on Main St.  Gregory Ellwood, Drew McWeeny, Dan Fienberg, Kris Tapley, Guy Lodge, Katie Hasty and our intrepid video team will brave the cold to bring it to you first. The six of us have selected our most anticipated films of the festival which you can discover in the embedded gallery story below.

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