Miranda Lambert is only 30, but she’s already longing for the good old days. 

On “Automatic,” the first single from her forthcoming fifth solo album, laments how easy folks have it these days as she reminisces about the days that people used maps, dried laundry on the line, recording the country countdown on cassette from radio (guilty on that one, but for me it was the Top 40), driving a stick shift…and that’s just the first verse.

The greater theme of the song, written by Lambert, Nicolle Galyon, and Natalie Hemby, is that when everything is handed to you, you don’t appreciate it. I’m not so sure that having to roll down our windows instead of pushing a button built character, but Lambert seems to think so.

The song "is about slowing down, taking a breath and remembering what it's like to live life a little more simply," Lambert said in a statement.

Nostalgia is big in country music, songs like Kenny Chesney’s “Young” and “I Go Back” or  Alan Jackson’s “Remember When" have all voiced a similar longing for an earlier time.

The song’s a hit melodically, with a nice mid-tempo chug that builds in intensity and she delivers it with her usual commitment. As great strides as she’s made in country music, there is something about Lambert that seems non-progressive, so much so that even when she sings about longing for the days when boys called girls to ask for a date, it sounds authentic for her instead of just antiquated. Still, she does seem a little young to be singing about missing the past. And the song will most likely be lost on her younger fans and for folks who don’t lament sticking a letter in an envelope and it taking three days to arrive instead of just sending an email.

Now, get off her lawn.