SAN DIEGO -- Promotions for Sam Raimi's "Oz: The Great and Powerful" are only just getting off of the ground, but one of the film's leading ladies is already looking toward sequels. Michelle Williams told HitFix that she grew up with L. Krank Baum's 14 "Oz" books as bedtime stories, and she hopes it's director Raimi who helps to tackle any adaptations in the future.

"Maybe there will be a sequel to our prequel," she told HitFix during our interview at San Diego Comic-Con.

As Glinda (who is -- as we know -- ultimately a "good witch), Williams stars alongside of Oz (James Franco) and two other witches, played by Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis. The "My Week with Marily" actress wishes she had more screen time with those strong female characters and actresses. "I had a few more interactions with Mila," she said, mentioning they'd hang out at their trailers and in hair/makeup. "I hope there's another movie and another chance to work with those two because I admire them very much."

Check out the video above, on how Williams compares her Glinda to the Glinda the Good Witch movie fans know and love from the original 1939 film "Wizard of Oz."

You can also watch our interview with Mila Kunis, on her and "Oz" co-star Franco's friendship.

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