Having a relatively successful show on a different network won't prevent Matthew Perry from returning to "The Good Wife."
CBS announced on Friday (November 9) afternoon that Perry is set to reprise his "Good Wife" role in an episode to air in 2013.
Perry appeared in multiple episodes last season as Mike Kresteva, a Chicago attorney who butted heads with Alicia on a blue ribbon panel involving a police shooting and then decided to run for governor against Peter. Perry popped up fleetingly in the premiere in an attack ad focused on Peter.
While the end of last "Good Wife" season set Perry's character up as a potentially key adversary for the Florrick family, the "Friends" veteran's NBC's comedy "Go On" was ordered to series, reducing his availability. Perry's availability was reduced even more by NBC's speedy full-season pickup for the support group sitcom. 
Stay tuned for a specific date for Perry's "Good Wife" return.
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