Heroes. What are action movies about if not heroes? These men and women stand tall, fighting the good fight, taking on all comers, doing the right thing no matter what it may cost them. Okay, so that's something of a traditional notion of things and one which the movie industry has moved away from. Or not. 
Submitted for your approval today is a new picture from the set of "Transformers 4." Seen here in the image, and looking very heroic, are from left to right: Jack Reynor, Mark Wahlberg, 2nd Assistant B-Camera Casey “Walrus” Howard, 1st Assistant B-Camera John Kairis (with back to camera), B-Camera Operator Lukasz Bielan, Director Michael Bay, and Director of Photography Amir Mokri. They are, as you can see, looking very triumphant. In our mind, it isn't that these men are unaware of the difficult struggles they face, it's simply that they feel up to the challenge.
We cannot tell you what the men are standing on, nor what Mokri is leaning against (if in fact said things are different, they may not be) We could guess that it is some sort of machine/structure from Cybertron, but that would be speculation. What we can say with a great deal of certainty is that these men are bringing the Transformers back to the big screen and the image makes them look up to the task.
Directed by Michael Bay, "Transformers 4" lands in theaters June 27, 2014. Are you excited for the continuation of the franchise?


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