PARK CITY, Utah - Mark Duplass has been at Sundance almost a dozen times now, in front of and behind the lens. So it's much easier to tell when his co-stars and actors have "it." Her certainly thought "Skeleton Twins" leades Blll Hader and Kristen Wiig -- both with "Saturday Night Live" legacy -- fit the bill. Especially Hader, for whom this is a first leading man role in a full feature.

On the red carpet to the "Skeleton Twins" premiere, writer/director/actor Duplass told us of the democratization of small independent filmmaking and on his next TV project, "Togetherness" for HBO. He described what are soul points and about the choice for Jonah Hill in "Cyrus."

But when it really comes down to it: "Dirty Dancing" could teach us all a lesson or two on casting.

Watch our whole interview with Duplass for "Skeleton Twins" above.

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