SAN DIEGO - "Nikita" fans are being rewarded with a cinematic experience for the show's abbreviated final season.

Walking the press line on Thursday for the forthcoming young-adult sci-fi adaptation "Divergent" (in which she stars as Dauntless leader Tori), series star Maggie Q spilled one major detail regarding the series' last six episodes when she stopped by for a quick chat.

"I think I just heard that we're actually gonna's six episodes, but we're gonna run them as three movies. Three two-hour events," she said. "That's the way to end something, man. I'm excited. Like, go out with a bang."

Fittingly enough, it's the show's filmic qualities that got Q on board in the first place.

"We work very hard for that," she told me. "It I was gonna do TV, it had to be that quality. Otherwise I wasn't gonna do it."

Watch the full clip by clicking on the video above.

"Nikita" Season 4 is set to air next year.

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