PARK CITY, Utah - Luke Wilson's role as Kristen Wiig's husband Lance in "Skeleton Twins" is described as pretty dense. But the actor bucks any "frattiness" about his character. He thinks of him more as a very loyal dog.

And with that, already the circumstances in "Skeleton Twins" sound a little funny. And perhaps a little sad. Wilson was just thrilled to work opposite of an actress who made the job fun.

"I had to make an effort not to laugh," Wilson told HitFix about the drama shoot, which also co-stars Wiig's former "Saturday Night Live" cohort Bill Hader.

"Skeleton Twins" made its debut this week at the film festival, but Wilson was also attending for another reason. Sundance wanted to honor Wes Anderson's earliest short and first feature "Bottle Rocket"; the full-length film bowed almost 20 years ago and starred Wilson and his brother Owen.

In the video above, check out Luke Wilson's thoughts on that film and his opinion of the acting business in 1996 versus now, along with other feelings on being married to Kristen Wiig on screen.

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