Is Meghan Trainor backtracking on her previous assertions? 

This past spring, and through much of the summer, Trainor told us that it's "All About That Bass," but in her newest video, "Lips are Movin," she almost instantly disavows the notion.  Within the first 20 seconds here, she hopes for nearly the exact opposite, stating, "Tell me that you're not just about this bass."   

"Lips are Movin," as opposed to being about that bass, is about being cheated on, and the video itself is all about collaboration.  The press release for "Lips are Movin" explains that it is, "the first-ever music video created by social 'influencers' — the most influential Viners, Instagrammers, and YouTube stars from around the world whose combined audience reaches nearly 30 million."  These "influencers," we are further told, worked with an HP computer to make the video happen.

The results of the collaboration are something you can see for yourself (embedding is disabled, you will have to click to watch it on YouTube), but we'll tell you this – as with "All About That Bass," "Lips are Movin" is an up-tempo song to which it is exceptionally easy to find yourself singing along.  In fact, you are are likely to succumb before you're done watching it for the first time. 

Trainor will be seen at this year's Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve."  Her debut album, "Title," is scheduled for release on January 13th.

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