Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga's drops a snippet of new song, 'Mary Jane Holland'

She wants to take you higher

Have we met Lady Gaga’s new alter ego —move over Jo Calderone—or is Momma Monster just declaring her love of weed in the new snippet for “Mary Jane Holland,” a track from Nov. 11’s "ArtPop." 

In the 2-minute preview, Lady Gaga singing in an exaggerated mannered tone, extols the virtue of Mary Jane, hanging in Amsterdam, and generally looks at the fame game. It’s a driving, throbbing track that includes call-outs and psychedelic turns. In other words, it’s more like a bad acid trip than a mellow high.

“I know at the moment they think I’m a mess/but its alright because I’m rich as piss,” she grandly sings during a bridge as she prepares to light one up, making it clear that this whole track is Lady Gaga taking a look at fame and art and artifice. That doesn’t make it particularly catchy, though, does it?