Whether they counted themselves as supporters of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney during this election cycle, stars of film, music and TV took to Twitter in a big way today to voice their support for their respective candidates and encourage their followers to hit the polls. Below is a sampling of tweets from across the celebrity-sphere.

Justin Bieber: "im 18...but i cant vote...im Canadian."

Kim Kardashian: "I'm filling out my voting card in a room filled w people,everyone is telling me their opinions! Vote how YOU want to vote & what YOU believe in not anybody else."

Elizabeth Banks:
"You can REGISTER & VOTE in person at the polls today in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Maine. Do it!"

Lena Dunham: "Ladies, put on your voting best. May I plz see pics of your voting 'looks'?"

Ryan Seacrest: "Ballot filled out, just gotta drop it off after work. #ivoted #almost"

Ian Somerhalder:
"VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE.Be patient pls,its worth it.Workers at polling places move like molasses on a cold day(very slowly) unfortunately."

Alicia Keys:
"Today's the day!!!! We are a great people of great power!!! ;-) who voted already today???"

"I have made my choice. My hope is 4 President @BarackObama 2 get reelected & get more time 2 turn this country around.#election2012 #ivoted

Eric Stonestreet:
Its important that u vote today. But also; don't forget to feed ur goat, dock ur boat, secure ur tote, and to hang up ur long hooded cape."

Mindy Kaling: "In my movie Election Day dir by Garry Marshall I get engaged to Bradley Cooper in an voting booth. 'I have a prop for you.' coos Bradley/"

Jack Osbourne:
"Ok, today is Election Day so real talk for a minute...who is voting for Rosanne Barr? Hahaha."

Andy Cohen: "took me an hour and a half to vote! Disco Ball aside, not an amazing system going on in the WV today. #Vote."

Lady Gaga:
"I voted! Did you?"

Stacey Dash: "What a wonderful present it will be to have you Inaugurated as The President Of The USA on my birthday 1/20/2013! God Speed! @MittRomney."

Bill Maher: "Hope u all remembered to set ur clocks back an hour last night. And if u vote Republican on Tuesday another 40 years."

Neil Patrick Harris: "spend some time educating yourself to make informed choices. It's your civic duty. Heee. I said duty."

Aziz Ansari: "Had a good chuckle at the Illuminati meeting this morning about the 'election' that is 'tomorrow.' Hahaha! Have fun guys."

John Legend: "Had a beautiful time in Cleveland today. So many people voting today! The lines were huge. They need to open up more early vote sites!"

(Justin Bieber's manager) Scooter Braun:
"ELECTION DAY tomorrow. Big Decision. Im going with TEAM JACOB."

Jeffrey Ross: "It's been a tight race. But it's not a sprint... it's a marathon. And like in any marathon - I'm picking the guy from Kenya."

Chris Brown: "VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Josh Hutcherson: "this was my first time ever voting this year. it really is a great feeling to know I can make a difference. please, if you can, vote."

Will Smith: "No matter what you believe or who you support, make sure your voice is heard!"

Charlize Theron: "It's time to vote, America! It's your right so take advantage of it!"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (reposting a quote from singer K.D. Lang): "May the leader who will bring the most benefit to ALL beings Win the election. #VOTE"

Kathy Griffin: "Don't forget to VOTE this TUESDAY 11/6....FOR Barack Obama! Listen to Cher!"

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: "Ba-rocking the vote for Obama today. Dig it!"

Vin Diesel: "VOTE!!! Yeah, even the Ballot Measures! Haha... look 'em up, before you head to the box."

America Ferrera: "Mission accomplished! I voted! My polling place needed more workers though, so that's what I'll be doing next election"

Martha Stewart:
"Did you vote yet? Paper ballot or booth ? I had to adjust my paper ballot 3 times before it was calculated. Who do you think will win?"

Katy Perry: "Who’s ready to vote tomorrow? I’ve got my outfit laid out! Send me a photo of your outfit when you’re at the polls, and I’ll RT my faves!"

Nicki Minaj: "Beyond proud of your passion to let your voice be heard. Happy Election Day"

Shonda Rhimes:
"While you should vote your conscience, I hope that conscience includes our LGBT brothers and sisters and their rights."

Stephen Colbert: "Rock the Vote! Or if you're middle-aged with a sentimental side, Easy Listen the Vote!"

Frank Ocean: "Vote for Obama."
Roseanne Barr:
"Vote for ME Roseanne Barr Tuesday November 6th"

Barack Obama:
"We're coming to the end of a long campaign—all that's left to do is get out the vote. Let's win this. -bo"

Patton Oswalt: "GO AND DO LIKEWISE.  Thank you.  #vote"

Octavia Spencer: "I voted 4 #VoteObama. No matter what your political views R let your voices be heard today! check poll location here https://t.co/o8JFNDSe …"

Adam Levine: "#PLEASEVOTE"

Ellen Degeneres:
"If you want to see change... vote. If you want equal rights... vote. If you want good deals on holiday sweaters, go to jcp. Then vote."

Mariah Carey:
"Let your vote be heard! Four more years!"

Rainn Wilson: "If you don't vote today you are an IDIOT."

Kevin Smith:
"VOTE... And the Force is with you. Remember: rivers of blood have been spilled through history JUST so you can cast a ballot today! Do so!"

Mary J. Blige: "Please go out and vote #OBAMA2012"

Adrian Grenier: "Phone banking! Let’s get out the vote and ensure that our democracy is working for us. rockthevote #WeWill http://instagr.am/p/RsY5kUEHyf/"

Quest Love:
"I diiiiiiiid iiiit! #Vote!"

DJ Pauly D: GTV Today !!!!! Gym Tan Vote !!!!