Stepping in for Segel and Adams this time around are Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais and Ty Burrell, who will bring their unique talents to the table in the roles of, respectively: Russian GULAG officer Nadya; villainous sidekick Dominic Badguy; and French Interpol Inspector Jean Pierre Napoleon. Fey in particular appears to be playing wildly against type here, and by all accounts her performance in the film is a marvel.

"We did a number called 'The Big House,' which is actually Tina Fey’s big number, and she sings this song where she’s welcoming me to prison," says Kermit, who describes the number as akin to something out of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." "And I have to say, I was meant to act as though I am kind of depressed about that, but it was hard to do because it’s such a fun song, and I think people will see a side of Tina they haven’t seen before. She’s really wonderful."

Gervais, meanwhile, will bring his own storied brand of cynicism to the happy-go-lucky Muppet universe.

"Putting someone like him into the world of the Muppets, I think, will turn out really well because he sort of balances them out," says Lieberman. " a way, he comes across Muppet-like in this movie, so I think people will be really happy with it."

As for Burrell, Kermit had this rather mixed (albeit loving) assessment to offer: "Ty is wonderful. Ty is sort of, he’s insane actually, he’s very conservatively insane."

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog on the set of Muppets Most Wanted

Speaking of new additions, another fresh face (so to speak) this time around is Kermit's evil doppelgänger Constantine, who wreaks havoc with the help of Gervais' aptly-named Badguy. Though it may seem a perfect opportunity for Kermit to play a dual role, the demands of the character unfortunately stretched the limits of the little dude's abilities, leaving the producers with no choice but to cast an entirely different Muppet in the part.

"We talked about [me playing both roles]," says Kermit, "but I have to admit that I am not great at doing the accent that Constantine has. Constantine kind of has a European, Russian sort of accent and, by the way, Constantine is just one of my cousins from the swamp, so he just happens to have the right facial features for the role."

In the realm of returning characters, one freshman Muppet from the last film who's back for another go-round is Gary's Muppet brother Walter, still clearly pinching himself over the opportunity to work with his lifelong idols.

"Fozzy and I have a close connection," says Walter when asked which of the "classic" Muppets he's bonded with the most. "It's so weird to be friends with somebody I was a fan of first. It's kind of amazing. Every now and then I have to step outside of myself and say 'Oh my gosh, I'M FRIENDS WITH FOZZY BEAR! Okay, be cool, Walter, be cool.' It's a fine line."

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