After months of debates, primaries, TV commercials and conventions and then more TV commercials and debates, the 2012 presidential election is less than 10 days away.  As always, Hollywood stars have spoken out on who they support and who they don't.  We've seen Katy Perry perform at an Obama fundraiser, Kid Rock has hit the campaign trail for Romney and late last week Lena Dunham delivered her own explanation on why you should re-elect the president.  Today, "Avengers" director and "Buffy the Vampire" creator Joss Whedon provided his own endorsement of President Obama.  And only Whedon could find a way to tie it into the big question on everyone's mind:  If Romney is elected, will the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse he'll spawn bring fast or slow zombies? 

No matter who you're voting for, it's funny stuff (and remember, stick by those friends who know parkour).