Joseph Gordon-Levitt's full-length feature directorial debut "Don Jon's Addiction" may be a comedy, but the "Inception" actor isn't ready to make a slapstick. Yet.
As the writer and lead actor in the Sundance pick, Gordon-Levitt looked more to the Coen Brothers and Mike Nichols for his brand of comedy in the off-kilter anti-rom-com. "It's more about the feeling of being uncomfortable, I want audience to laugh, but also laugh at themselves laughing," Gordon-Levitt told HitFix during our interview in Park City.
Casting "Don Jon's," Gordon-Levitt reunited with Tony Danza -- with whom he appeared in "Angels in the Outfield" some 20 years ago; the "Who's the Boss?" actor plays his loud, aggressive, age-stunted father, and the two shockingly have a lot of resemblance when they're simultaneously rocking wife-beater tank tops and slick hairdos in the film.
Co-star Julianne Moore was tickled by their similarities.
"You could really enjoy their physicality, with their shirts and jewelry and their big built-up arms hanging out," she said, laughing.
"As a real father of a son, I was particularly keen on that dynamic with Joe," Danza said.
Gordon-Levitt returns into only-acting roles with quite a few flicks lined up for 2013, and one recently confirmed appearance will be anything but a comedy. He and Josh Brolin were just added to the cast of "Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For," the pulpy sequel to 2005's "Sin City." As to why Gordon-Levitt signed on to the role as Johnny, he had one word: "Rodriguez."
"I love [Robert Rodriguez'] movies. I loved the first film. It's gonna be a blast."


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