Joel McHale has added another line under "special skills": knife-fighting. Or, to be more specific, "knifey-pointy."

The comedian and actor took up the police detective role Butler in his friend Scott Derrickson's most recent foray "Deliver Us From Evil," which has him battle said evil, and providing diversion with his weapon tricks, to "agitate and be different. He just wants to piss people off. He enjoys violence," as McHale said in his interview.

His character Butler has an interaction with a soul in dire need of an exorcism in "Deliver Us From Evil," which meant that McHale did a little learning on the practice. So now: "I perform them. Daily," he said. He's got himself a traveling exorcism truck. "Very helpful."

The stint has been a very different thing than his hosting duties on E!'s "The Soup" and in "Community." Even as a horror movie watcher, McHale's a little different too. Watch the video above so see what McHale may exclaim in the theater -- during scary movies, and "Frozen."

"Deliver Us From Evil" is in theaters on Wednesday (July 2).

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