J. Cole's been in the rap game for a few years, but he seems to be introducing a new side of himself with the upcoming album "2014 Forest Hills Drive" (the site of his childhood home in N.C., naturally).

We're getting our first taste of the album with the new video for "Intro."

It's a refreshingly lo-fi clip that simply follows Cole on a nighttime bike ride through New York City. It's not a song, really, more like a sound collage with a spoken-word piece about breaking free from the rat race and just doing what makes you feel happy. 

The color in the video has been tweaked, lending the whole thing a slightly surreal feel. It wouldn't look out of place if Neo and Morpheus rolled by on ten-speeds. 

Watch it here:

Like last year's "Born Sinner," Cole handled most of the production on "2014" to himself, but won't rely on guest appearances. he's also said that he won't release any proper singles from the album. The two-minute "Intro" is exactly that -- a quick "hello!" and "welcome!" to visitors of 2014 Forest Hills Drive. 

But next time wear a helmet, dude! Kids are watching this. 

"2014 Forest Hills Drive" will be released December 9.

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