If you love musical meta-commentary on late-night hosting decisions, you'll perhaps be amused by this clip of Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon singing about the non-stop media speculation regarding "Tonight Show" hosting duties. 
Set to the tune of "Tonight" from "West Side Story," the song premiered as a bridge between Monday night's "Tonight Show" and Tuesday morning's "Late Night" and featured the two hosts talking on the phone about the endless scrutiny they've faced in recent weeks amidst rumors that NBC is hoping to push Leno aside and move Fallon into the 11:30 hour sooner rather than later.
"I've been through this before, you know," Leno tells Fallon before the music begins.
The song, which addresses NBC's late-night succession plan, Fallon's ability to play to a younger demo and the variably jesting possibilities of Leno heading to FOX or, heaven forbid, taking over for Letterman ends on an almost melancholy note, but there are chuckles in-between.
Check it out:


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