What? You seriously thought they were going to make a "Veronica Mars" movie without Logan Echolls?
Series creator and feature adaptation mastermind Rob Thomas formally announced on Tuesday (April 2) that Jason Dohring is officially committed to return for the upcoming "Veronica Mars" film.
Thomas made the announcement on the film's Kickstarter page, which is still taking donations and stands at over $4.4 million with 10 days remaining to pledge.
We now have three actors officially cast. Veronica. Logan and the waiter who says, 'Your check, sir,'" Thomas writes. "Don't worry. We're busily working on bringing your favorites into the fold. As a Veronica Mars backer, you'll be the first to know."
That means, presumably, that additional cast members will be signed on a piecemeal basis, allowing Thomas to make many posts on the Kickstarter blog and encouraging reporters to link to said Kickstarter page over and over again as the deadline nears.
Bad-Boy-turned-Good-Boy-turned-Bad-Boy-turned-Good-Boy-turned-Bad-Boy-turned-Good-Boy-turned... whatever-he-was-when-we-left Logan Echolls was a fan favorite, with Dohring serving as the face who launched a thousand 'ships. 
Dohring has most recently been seen on "Ringer" and, apparently, on an episode of "Rules of Engagement."
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