Did you know that 007 is returning to movie theaters in less than six weeks?  Actually, correction on that.  James Bond's latest adventure is returning to movie theaters in less than six weeks in just the United Kingdom and other markets in Europe on Oct. 26.  In fact, "Skyfall" doesn't arrive in the good ol' U.S. of A. until two weeks later, Nov. 9.  Well, it could be worse Bond fans.  "Skyfall" opens in Australia on Nov. 22.

Hoping to return the franchise to the dramatic heights of "Casino Royale," "Skyfall" finds Bond wrestling with his loyalty to M (Judi Dench) after he discovers a startling secret about her past that hits a bit too close to home.  The Sam Mendes directed thriller also stars Javier Bardem as the mysterious villain Raoul Silva, Ralph Fiennes as MI6 agent Gareth Mallory, Naomi Harris as another agent, Eve, and Ben Winshaw as the latest incarnation of Q.

Sony Pictures and MGM released a brand new UK poster for "Skyfall" and, needless to say, Bond is looking as dapper as ever.  It's certainly more calm and assured than the U.S. version.

Check out the poster embedded below and compare it to the U.S. poster. Which one gets your vote?

"Skyfall" opens nationwide on Nov. 9.


Daniel Craig is James Bond 007 in the new UK poster for Sam Mendes' SKYFALL

Daniel Craig is James Bond 007 in the US poster for Sam Mendes' SKYFALL

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