Critics may be questioning the point of remaking acclaimed BBC series "Broadchurch" when the first two episodes of its U.S. remake are reportedly so similar to the original show - but as "Gracepoint" star Jacki Weaver tells HitFix, the FOX miniseries becomes quite distinct from its predecessor as it progresses.

"'Gracepoint' is quite different," said the actress during promotion for Woody Allen's latest film "Magic in the Moonlight." "I mean, the first few...couple of eps are the same, but then there's new characters, and there's different...there's a different villain. A different killer. is different."

So what did Weaver think of the original series? Check out the full clip embedded above for the answer.

Also starring David Tennant, Anna Gunn, Michael Peña, Nick Nolte and Kevin Zegers, "Gracepoint" premieres Thursday, October 2 on FOX.

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