Ever since Lady Gaga announced that she would be playing a South by Southwest gig at outdoor amphitheater Stubbs, sponsored by Doritos, I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth.  

Doritos usually leave a yummy, albeit slightly burning, corrosive taste in my mouth, but this time it feels like I’m being force fed a whole bag.

Lady Gaga was already in bed with Doritos for SXSW before she announced the Stubbs show last week: the original plan was for Momma Monster to play a free outdoor show on the street by the 64-foot Doritos vending machine.  SXSW’s streets are clogged enough as it is, so the city of Austin smartly denied a permit for that plan (and given the horror that occurred at SXSW last night when a drunk driver crashed a barricade, the city’s decision seems even more advisable).

So, instead, Lady Gaga will play a show at Stubbs tonight, but the only way to get in is for fans to make a bold move (#boldmove, because if something doesn’t have a hash tag, it no longer is real).  Or as Lady Gaga said in a video announcing the entry rules, “share a picture or a video that expresses your individuality through a bold action. What bold thing have you done that stands out?” We suppose a bold action can be anything from a “Jackass”-like stunt to declaring your love for someone and then posting it. According to Forbes, fans could also enter by “busk[ing] on the street using instruments Doritos provides” or “have Doritos give you a haircut.” Really?

Lady Gaga looked a little bit like she was a hostage being forced to recite words dictated by her captors in the video announcing the #BoldStage ticket last week.  There are cuts every few seconds and you can almost see her eyes, even though they’re obscured by sunglasses, begging us to help her.