U.S. presidents are usually quotable, but they're not always funny. A prez like Calvin Coolidge, who reportedly would wake up every morning and ask his aide, "Is the country still there?", is blue rare. Thankfully Barack Obama, who turns 54 on August 4, has got a well-honed sense of dry humor too. Here are his five funniest moments on the small screen. 

5. Obama's decree

Stephen Colbert doesn't just hand over decreeing duties to any old president. Here, the 44th prez took over punditry duties for the Comedy Central host and earned plenty of serious laughs. 

4. That State of the Union duet with Keegan-Michael Key. 

Keegan-Michael Key's hammy, Zero Mostel-type reactions embellish Barack's traditional diplomacy here. I wouldn't hate if they collaborated on, say, their own IFC series in the future.

3. "I know because I won both."

Every good comedian knows there's only one way to respond to a heckler: dry authority. Here, Barack shuts up some dissenting applause with a one-liner.

2. Barack gives a presidential shout-out to haters on "Mean Tweets"

What a joy it was watching Barack drink up Twitter haterade and spit it out all over Jimmy Kimmel's set.

1. And finally, the only talk show that matters: "Between Two Ferns"

Not only are Barack's jokes awesome here ("It's kind of like making a third 'Hangover' movie. That didn't really work out too well, did it?"), his damning disapproval is also hilarious. Note the way he tells Zach Galifianakis, "Let's move on." Still his funniest moment to date.