We're a house of many interests. HitFix reporters and editors have love across the board for all entertainment, from video games to music to sports, television, movies, comic books and beyond. We are who we are because we're consumers and fans, just like you. 

We're launching a new monthly feature at HitFix called "If I Had $100..." starting with this brand new month of August. In the gallery below, each of us breaks down what we'd recommend to do with $100... or how we'd spoil ourselves with the spare cash.

Pre-season football is in effect; "Guardians of the Galaxy" is out today; some summer songs and albums are out, as is the Jay Z and Beyonce tour; there's time to catch up on "Snowpiercer" and the new "Twin Peaks" box set; there's Nine Inch Nails, Spoon, Looney Tunes, "The Giver," "The Fall" and "Hair."

Check out what some of your most faaaaavorite writers in the world are excited about this month. What would you spend a little extra scratch on?

After five years as a columnist and editor at Billboard, Katie Hasty joined HitFix in 2009 for music and film reporting out of New York. The Midwest native has worked as a writer, music promoter and in A&R since 1999 and performs with her band Numbers And Letters.