SAN DIEGO - In the finale of the first season of "Hannibal," Hugh Dancy's character Will Graham was left compromised and crazy, after having been toyed with by Mads Mikkelsen's Hannibal Lecter. But ask the British actor about his character's relationship to the mad doctor, and he likens their relationship more to a game.

"It's like being the best chess player in the world and finding another person who can play at the same level as you, finally," Dancy told HitFix of Will this week during San Diego Comic-Con. There was an obvious amount of recognition between the two troubled souls of their similarities.

Like in the NBC show, Dancy and Mikkelsen share a lot in common and enjoy "a level of comfort" when it comes to their "style" of acting. "Working with good actors always improves what you do," Dancy continued. 

With Season Two around the corner, Dancy is preparing his latest lunacies to unfold, though scripts for other horror-oriented projects continue to pour in. Dancy is a fan of horror, but "a bad genre scrip is particularly bad because you can see all the tropes coming."

However, a good scare can find its way around the predictable... which is maybe why -- when asked what was the last thing that scared the crap out of him -- Dancy's answer may surprise you.

Watch our full interview above with Dancy above. The second season of "Hannibal" begins shooting in September.

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