Congratulations to "Childrens Hospital," which won an Emmy on Sunday (September 16) in the Outstanding Special Class: Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Programs category!
On Thursday night's installment of "Childrens Hospital," we discover that the series has a British equivalent called "British Hospital." The "British Hospital" cast features a slew of familiar faces including "Walking Dead" star Lauren Cohan and a French mime.
And in this scene, exclusive to HitFix, we see "Lost" and "Lord of the Rings" veteran Dominic Monaghan scrubbing in for his "British Hospital" role as Oren Maestro, explaining one of the unsung advantages of being a doctor.
Check out the clip and remember that the next episode of the *Emmy-winning* "Childrens Hospital" premieres on Thursday, September 20 on Adult Swim.
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