In the past months, between scandals, cyber-attacks and fleeing audiences, show business often seemed to be collapsing at its foundations.  And throughout a Golden Globes ceremony that was heavy on teary-eyed, heartfelt, earnestness, it seemed the fun and glamour of entertainment would disappear under the weight of it all.

Enter George Clooney to remind us what Hollywood, at its best, is about.

Still in his early 50’s, the actor  seemed an odd choice to be taking home the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's lifetime achievement award, (as the hosts’  opening monologue pointed out) but taking the stage, he showed why he was the perfect pick.

Eschewing the teary flood of emotion that overwhelmed many who stepped forward tonight, Clooney was gracious yet funny, making fun of the awards game while still retaining a bit of humility.  

Above all he was absolutely at ease, and even when acknowledging the tragedy in Paris, found the perfect note of support without turning the moment into a celebration of his own virtue.  

That is what we once called glamour. And it was on its magic that Hollywood was built.


Richard Rushfield is Editor in Chief of Hitfix