British pop prince Calvin Harris has some pretty cool friends. First, he started paling around with Rihanna, and now he's made a video with Florence Welch (of Florence + the Machine fame).

She's one of the many guests on Harris' upcoming album, performing on a song called "Sweet Nothing." Florence adds her throaty vocals to a throbbing dancebeat, and the result is propulsive and ear catching, while also providing some series drama. 

The video is a little cinematic catharsis, directed by Vincent Haycock. As the resident singer in a seedy stip joint, Florence (with androgynous haircut and suit) entertains some dead-eyed regulars, while simultaneously, her abusive boyfriend gets what's coming to him. Her onstage breakdown is really something to see. Maybe some acting roles are forthcoming?

Watch it here:

Harris' new album "18 Months," featuring guests like Rihanna, Dizzee Rascal, Eliie Goulding and more, hits stores October 19.

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