If you've just been watching the "Game of Thrones" Season trailer over and over again and repeating "Ooooh... Dragons," you're apparently not the only one. 
Since premiering with Jimmy Kimmel two Fridays ago, that first trailer has drawn more than 18 million YouTube viewers. Apparently that's an HBO promotional video record and it's not even close. The previous record was the 6-ish million views for a Season 2 "Game of Thrones" trailer. 
The extended version of the trailer -- Even more dragons! -- has been watched 3.6 million times thus far on YouTube. 
[We assume the trailer has also given a big boost to downloads of Ms Mr's "Bones."]
"Game of Thrones" returns for its third season on Sunday, March 31. HBO has also released a slew of images as well as a dozen outdoor campaign posters
If your Friday is as slow as our Friday, you may want to check out the extended trailer again. Because dragons.

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