Bitch Pudding.

If you know what that is, then you're a "Robot Chicken" fan, and you'll definitely want to watch this exclusive clip of the show's upcoming special centered on the foul-mouthed fan-favorite.

In the clip above, Bitch Pudding finds herself in the welcoming embrace of annoying green-skinned critters called the "Shlorfs," who resemble some more famous annoying blue-skinned critters. They're three apples high, there's only one female, and their leader even has a beard. 

It's just a small snippet of what the Strawberry Shortcake-inspired heroine has to go through after she's kicked out of her native Pastryville and begins to plot her revenge. 

The special will be screened during the "Robot Chicken" panel at Comic Con on Friday, and airs on Adult Swim this Sunday at 11:30 p.m. 

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