The wait is almost over.

The very last "Twilight" movie EVER will be in theaters in less than six months, and to tide you over until then Summit was kind enough to unleash these three banners featuring your beloved Edward, Bella and Jacob. Or at least half of each of them. 

First up is the wolfman Jacob (Taylor Lautner), with a burning intensity in his eye.


They don't even need to show the film's title (do hashtags count?), just the release date and the somewhat intimidating tagline "Forever." 

Kristen Stewart is next as Bella, the innocent girl-nextdoor-turned-vampire. Dig those crazy red eyes. See her (but not as Bella) in next week's "Snow White and the Huntsman."


Last -- but certainly not least -- comes Robert Pattinson, soon to be seen in David Cronenberg's Cannes contender "Cosmopolis," but much more recognizable as the hunky, sleepy-eyed Edward Cullen. Put this one in your locker (do kids even use lockers anymore?). 


As you probably guessed, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part II" opens November 16. 

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