With "Justice League," "Justice League Dark" and "Justice League of America" all embroiled in DC Comics' "Trinity War" story arc, the publisher brought the collaborative team behind the event to Comic-Con International 2013 to discuss upcoming developments for each team. The panel included DC senior editor Brian Cunningham, "Justice League" and "Justice League of America" scribe Geoff Johns, "Justice League Dark" writer Jeff Lemire and "Trinity of Sin: Pandora" writer Ray Fawkes.

Following panelist introductions, moderator John Cunningham played the "Trinity War" trailer that the publisher debuted last week. After the trailer's conclusion, Johns briefly discussed the idea behind the first big event of the New 52.

"We knew we were coming to some story points with Pandora, but it's really when Jeff Lemire and I had the chance to talk about making this a big Justice League story," said Johns. "Each of these teams has a guide. The heroes have never really come together as a team and we talked about how the villains could exploit the Justice League." How do the villains do that? By getting them together and making them lose faith in Superman. In one of the more recent issues, Superman killed the New 52 version of Doctor Light. "The three teams set out to find out who killed Dr. Light, who killed Superman."


Fawkes was up next to discuss his "Trinity of Sin: Pandora" series. "Pandora has a totally unique perspective on the New 52," said Fawkes. "Pandora is this woman who is essentially blamed for unleashing all the evil on the Earth. She's 10,000 years old and she's been walking the world since the day of her curse, forced to witness everything that has gone wrong. She's been presented with an opportunity to get rid of all the evil in the world. That puts her at odds with the Justice League and the Secret Society as well. She's kind of a wildcard."

Cunningham showed pages from "Trinity of Sin: Pandora" #2 that depict a battle between Pandora and Giganta. Fawkes' other book, "Constantine" was up next, and the writer said in the fifth issue, John Constantine tries to take Shazam out of play. "Readers will get to see Constantine take on Billy Batson and try to steal his power," said Fawkes. Constantine will wield some -- maybe all -- Shazam's powers. "There's really no dirty tactic that John won't stoop to. If he needs to take away the power of a hero, he'll do it with a smile on his face."

"Trinity War" leads into "Forever Evil" in September, which takes all the DC Comics villains and see them take over the DCU. "When the villains get a chance to take over the world, they don't agree on what that means," he said. "Some of them like the Justice League at the top of the food chain because it keeps things simple. 'Forever Evil' really focuses on the villains as the heroes are wiped off the board." Johns said Sinestro and Black Adam has "a bromance." "It's probably one of the most surprising things about this series."

Johns also gave overviews of "Arkham War," a "Forever Evil" tie-in that sees the Blackgate prisoners go up against the Arkham inmates. "A.R.G.U.S." is the second tie-in and "Rogues Rebellion," which focuses on the Flash's Rogues gallery, who are primary in the villains that go up against their own kind.

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