At the DC Comics Meet The Co-Publishers panel, part of San Diego’s Comic-Con International, Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio took to the stage to answer fan questions and speak about the company and the comics. Moderated by Head of Marketing John Cunningham, the three kicked the panel off by showing a slide of Superman’s 75 anniversary and the announced “Superman/Batman” film.

Speaking about the film, DiDio said neither he nor Lee had known it was coming and the film did not factor into the decision to publish Jae Lee and Greg Pak’s “Batman/Superman” book.

“They’re going to actually make a movie where the characters meet for the first time, live action? I’m ecstatic!” Lee added. Speaking about “Superman Unchained,” written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Lee, the Co-Publisher labeled the book one that, “makes you think.”

He then showed an image for issue #3 where Superman meets the new antagonist Wraith for the first time, and confronts General Lane. “You think you know what the relationship is going to be between Wraith and Superman but Scott’s turned it on his head,” Lee said. “I love that Scott makes him not just super strong but super smart.”

Flipping to penciled page of Superman smashing through Lane’s military vehicles the hero literally says “pooey” to General Lane, according to a grinning Lee. “’Pooey,’ I can feel the tension on the page,” DiDio laughed as the room cracked up.

Moving onto “Superman/Wonder Woman” Lee and DiDio told the room that the book was about the characters first, not their relationship and not a romance book. “I think Tony is just knocking it out of the park, Superman looks amazing, Wonder Woman looks amazing, Faora looks great,” Lee said of artist Tony Daniel’s wrap-around cover for issue #1. The book is written by Charles Soule.

The room erupted into cheers and applause as Cunningham brought pages up from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s “Batman.” “In the month of November...we’re having a series of titles that tie-into that time frame,” DiDio said, adding, “Those particular books are flashing back to that particular moment.”

Turning to “Trinity War,” DiDio enthusiastically told the laughing audience to check the books in the event out, “especially Phantom Stranger!” DiDio also showed the audience a copy of the Villains Month 3D covers, giving out a physical copy to an audience member and joking, “Now pass that around!”

Explaining that the technology was brand new, the Co-Publishers said that they were using an extraordinary amount of plastic for the covers. “We actually took all the plastic in one province in China so they couldn’t make cups!” DiDio admitted with a laugh. “Very thirsty Chinese people!” Lee added as the audience laughed. Looking at the cover for “Forever Evil,” DiDio praised David Finch’s art on the series and explained Villains Month happens right at the end of “Trinity War” and moves into “Forever Evil,” something that the Co-Publisher said would change parts of the DC Universe.

Cunningham then played a clip of the new “Necessary Evil: Super Villains Of DC Comics” documentary which releases October 25. DiDio also took the time to plug Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s new Harley Quinn solo book. Answering the oft-asked question at the convention, “Who is going to draw it,” DiDio said they were doing something different. “Harley is going to audition eighteen different artists to draw the first issue...and she’s going to critique each one,” DiDio said, elaborating that every artist will have one page in the first issue, with Harley’s comments written over them. He then added that it’s set in Coney Island and features Harley, “Analyzing people to death.”

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