SAN DIEGO - "Hannibal" executive producer David Slade directed three episodes in season one of the NBC TV show, and he hopes to have his hands on the first two in season two, which begins shooting in September.

Speaking to HitFix at San Diego Comic-Con, Slade was excited about the story shift from the finale of this first season, and has some ideas about what that literally looks like for its leads.

"You're always thinking about the camera as a character in 'Hannibal.' We think about what the camera's role is in any given scene," Slade said. In this next season, fans are looking at "a brand new Will graham, who is going to be a very different character, a lucid character... there's going to be a visual change, I just can't tell you what it is."

Slade has been mixing in duties on other TV projects like directing episode of "Breaking Bad," even though he said he's not particularly keen directing in episodic television

"I was just such a huge fan of 'Breaking Bad,' I went in as a fan," he said. In general, "I'm interesting in filmmaking."

Music videos have obviously piqued his interest more in the past, as he's shot iconic clips for Muse, The Killers, Aphex Twin, System of a Down and others. As for an artist he'd love to create for, one name comes to mind.

"I'm a big fan of Nick Cave," Slade said, nudging that he loved the latest album "Push the Sky Away." As for music video concepts, "I have about 57 of them... I started making videos on my own at home just to get the idea out, just to exercise it. It's a tragedy in a way that the world of music videos has gone the way it has. I feel lucky I was working when there were budgets, you could do larger things. [But] the paradigm shift right now means that there's no real restrictions on music videos."

Check out what else Slade has to say about "Hannibal," shooting music videos and his own feelings on being in front of a camera (thanks, David).

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