PARK CITY - Daniel Radcliffe has been all over the world, experienced the Oscars, performed on Broadway and been screamed at by adoring fans, but Friday afternoon marked his first visit to the Sundance Film Festival.  Walking the red carpet to promote his new drama "Kill Your Darlings," the 23-year-old actor spoke about researching his role as famed poet Alan Ginsberg and, of course, couldn't escape questions about "Harry Potter."

"It was really just about diving into his life and his diaries from his teenage years are readily available," Radcliffe says. "So, that was an amazing source of insight. Especially his relationship with his mother because he was a kind of awkward slightly socially awkward guy when he first got to Columbia, but he really has a sense of himself and of being something special. He's nervous about that, but there's one bit in his diaries where he rights something like 'I composed the first 16 bars of a concerto this morning. I'm really rather happy with it.' And hew as like 14 when he wrote it. There was a lot for me to work with thankfully."

And as for "Potter," Radcliffe politely addressed his connection to former co-stars Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.

Radcliffe notes, "I think everyone likes to think that me, Emma and Rupert are always in each others pockets, but at this time in our careers it's really important for us to find success outside of the context of each other. Cause we have to. But, yeah, it's fair to say we'll be bonded forever and we are all special to each other."

You can watch the entire interview in the video embedded at the top of this post.

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