When you talk to Dakota Fanning, you learn things.

Catching up with the young actress at the Sundance premiere of her new film "Very Good Girls" yesterday, HitFix reporter Katie Hasty was able to elicit her answer to the following burning question: just what does being a "good girl" mean to Dakota Fanning?

"This really is a story about young women and what they go through, and I think also the pressure to be good and to do the right thing all the time and the realization that that's impossible," said Fanning, starring in the Naomi Foner-directed film as a high-schooler who falls for the same street artist (Boyd Holbrook) being eyed by her best friend (Olsen). "You're really doing the right thing when you're just being honest with everyone around you and honest with yourself and that's when you can kind of, like I was saying over there, kind of enjoy your life and have meaningful relationships with others."

As it turns out, Fanning also happens to count Olsen as a friend in real life, a relationship that she told us couldn't help but improve her performance.

"I think she brings out a real honesty in me, because she is my friend outside of this world," said Fanning, gesturing to the festival hubbub happening all around her. "People that I care about and that I kind of let into my life I don't lie to, do you know what I mean? And I think as an actor that's what you're trying to do, is you're trying to not lie to the other actor and kind of trick yourself into believing that what you're doing is real."

For more from the actress, you can watch the full interview above.

The Sundance Film Festival runs through January 27.