Get ready for the "Inferno."

The third film in the "Da Vinci Code" series is set to begin filming next April in Italy with director Ron Howard and returning star Tom Hanks, according to Deadline. "Inferno" is the fourth book in the massively-popular Dan Brown book series that also includes "Angels & Demons," "The Da Vinci Code" and "The Lost Symbol," the latter of which has not been adapted for the screen.

"Inferno" centers on an amnesia-plagued Landgon (Hanks) as he teams up with a female doctor to stop the release of a global plague cooked up by a genius scientist obsessed with Dante's epic poem of the same name.

The first two films in the blockbuster franchise grossed a combined $1.2 billion worldwide, though it should be noted that the box-office take for second installment "Angels & Demons" was significantly lower than that of its predecessor.

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