I don’t know who Conchita Wurst is wearing in this photograph. All I know is I love the silhouette AND the color. It will be a crime against fashion if she doesn't show up on tomorrow's "Best Dressed" lists. More jewel tones on the red carpet, please!

Not sure who Ms. Wurst is? Have no fear! Conchita Wurst is 2014 Eurovision winner (similar to “American Idol,”) and the drag queen alter ego of Tom Neuwirth. Wurst was one of the most popular — and controversial — acts in the shows sixty year history. 

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

First appearing as Conchita in 2011, Neuwirth has become a LBGT icon since winning Eurovision. Neurwith is always quick to dispell any confusion about his gender identity as a gay man in drag, stating to The Guardian:

[Conchita] is careful to differentiate between drag artists and transgender people "..it's such a serious topic [...]becoming Tom again at the end of the day can be a relief [...] Like everyone, you're happy when you go home, take off your work clothes and relax [...] I love to be a boy when the wig is off, so I really won't change that."

Be sure to check out Conchita's winning performance below!

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