Opening it to fan questions, the first person to the microphone asked Ramos about his costume redesign, to which he said he tried to honor both the comic and movie. Answering a fan who wanted to know why he made Shocker a coward, “That’s an old-school read on Shocker,” Spencer said, adding, “He wants to play it safe...and that comes off as cowardice to the group.”

“Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man are going to meet in August,” Yost told another fan, adding “Cain tried to kill Doc Ock before, so...” as the audience laughed.

Speaking about whether he felt Doc Ock was less relateable than Parker, Slott said “No, he’s the underdog, he’s the villain losing all the time!” The panelists also joked that the pitch was originally called “Jerk Spider-Man.”

“Peter Parker would have run around trying to save everyone one by one...Doc Ock killed Spider-Slayer and shut everything down at once...that’s the guy I want on my side!” Gage added. Speaking about the Annual, Slot also teased that there is a part that ties in very intimately to “Superior Spider-Man.”

“Do not miss the Annual!” Slott shouted over the phone as the audience laughed.

Talking about Jonah’s political career and Spider-Man blackmailing him, “It’s not looking to the people of New York that anything’s changed...only Jonah knows he’s been totally screwed over,” Slot added. The next fan to the microphone asked if Slott wasn’t present because of the death threats, the audience and panelists laughing as the same fan reassured Slott that people like him.

A young boy named Johnny asked why they settled on Doc Ock to best Spider-Man. “Doctor Octopus seems like a messed up version of Peter Parker,” Wacker said. “When you look at Doc Ock’s origin...their dialogue is so similar. Peter, before he gets bitten by the spider, is talking about how everyone will pay...that’s so Doc Ock!” Slott continued, adding that if it wasn’t for Uncle’s Ben death, Peter Parker would have been Doctor Octopus. “So Johnny, there’s a villain in all of us!” Wacker said as the audience laughed.

Another young fan dressed as Deadpool asked about Green Goblin, to which Wacker said the return of the Green Goblin will be a “huge” part of Slott’s comic later in the year.

The next fan wanted to know how Doc Ock will now act minus Parker’s memories. Gage explained that while Octavius remembers the memories he investigated, like those about Aunt May, “Anything he didn’t actively look at he no longer can,” Gage said.

Another fan wanted to know if there were plans to have Spider-Man 2099 spinoff into a solo book. “I’m not even sure if we will be able to do a Spider-Man 2099 book...but if there were, everyone here would work on it together. Seven writers!” Wacker said, the audience laughing as Slot’s time-delayed chuckles came through the phone.

To a fan who asked if the new Green Goblin is going to ruining Superior Spider-Man’s life like he did Parker’s, Slott laughed, “You have to read the book!”

“It would be awesome if Green Goblin showed up with a basket of muffins!” Slott joked as the room cracked up. Going down the line, Gage said he’d love to see Stego the Dinosaur Man in Thor’s head, Spencer suggested Sabertooth in Kitty Pryde’s body and Samnee wanted a Thor/Loki.

Another young fan asked Robinson if Peter’s possible sister knows more about the Parker parents. Robinson said she was interested in learning more about the family and that the idea of exploring the Parkers was central to the book.

A Mexican fan told Ramos it was great to see a fellow Mexican on the panel and Wacker to the next fan to the phone that Peter Parker’s ghost is gone for good.

Slott concluded by confirming there would be more Betty Brant sometime in the comic, ending the panel as the room cracked up for the last time.
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