"True Detective" may be off to mixed reviews, but one thing is certain: Colin Farrell's hair, as always, remains a main attraction.

His alcoholic, violent, emotionally unstable character Ray Velcoro was issued greasy long locks and an impetuously full mustache along with a police uniform for this season of the HBO show. If Emmy ballots had a hair category, you'd have your frontrunner now.

Farrell's follicles have always served a great purpose, if you look at his roles from the last 10 years. In the gallery below, we have fun with his characters' lock-looks and prove that Farrell, at least for this reason, deserves all the awards.

  • Colin Farrell in "True Detective"
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    The mustache is like, "I can't compete with this."

  • Colin Farrell in "Ask The Dust"
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    Locking looks with locks

  • Colin Farrell in "Crazy Heart"
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    "Sometimes you eat the har, and sometimes the har eats you."

  • Colin Farrell in "Cassandra's Dream"
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    "I love your hair."

    "I can tell."

  • Colin Farrell in "In Bruges"
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    Thanks to Colin's eyebrows for pointing at his perfect haircut here. Would've been lost without them. 

  • Colin Farrell in "The New World"
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  • Colin Farrell in "Dead Man Down"
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    Here Colin is zeroing in on the Supercuts employee who did him wrong.

  • Colin Farrell in "Total Recall"
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    The brainwashing machine is like, "Finally, I've got something to work with."

  • Colin Farrell in "Winter's Tale"
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    And just why do you think this film had such bad reviews, hm?

  • Colin Farrell in "Triage"
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    Photographer? More like photographee.

  • Colin Farrell
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    When confronted with that much peroxide, I'd look away too.

  • Colin Farrell in "Ondie"
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    In this Irish tale, Colin Farrell plays a fisherman, who casts out a net of his hair.

  • Colin Farrell in "London Boulevard"
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    Who would Colin Farrell be without a little bit of a head wound to go with his hair.

  • Colin Farrell in "Fright Night"
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    "Yes, I recall seeing Christian Slater in 'Interview with the Vampire,' why?"

  • Colin Farrell in "Miss Julie"
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    Colin Farrell plays a valet, his hair like a shiny new limousine.

  • Colin Farrell in "Horrible Bosses"
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    You're fired.

  • Colin Farrell in "The Way Back"
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    The worst part of his journey was the loss of his hair.

  • Colin Farrell in "Pride and Glory"
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    Paving the path for Justin Theroux in "The Leftovers"

  • Colin Farrell in "Saving Mr. Banks"
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    How To Look Like A Disney Character Without Actually Playing One

  • Colin Farrell in "Seven Psychopaths"
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    The one thing he's not worried about.

  • Colin Farrell in "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus"
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    Even his eyebrows are reacting to his hair. They're fighting about it. 

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