Coldplay are preparing to release their first concert album and film in nine years, "Live 2012," and it will arrive right in time for holiday shopping.

The CD/DVD/Blu-Ray and digital drop will be out on Nov. 20, preceded by a TV premiere on the EPIX network on Nov. 17. It contains footage from Coldplay's "Mylo Xyloto" tour dates in Montreal, Paris and at the Glastonbury Music Festival in their native UK earlier this year.

The 90-minute concert film is shot by Paul Dugdale, who made Adele and all of her audience members look fabulous in "Live from Royal Albert Hall." In a statement, he said he and the team "wanted to make a film that was as intimate as it was epic, punctuating Coldplay’s colour-drenched performance with candid portraits of the band," he wrote. "It’s essentially a film about people, and we wanted to highlight how the band have blurred the barrier between stage and audience to create a tour that reaches out to everyone from the front row of the stadium to those right at the back."

Heavy, like "Teardrops." Also on Nov. 20, the band will doubly promote their 2011 effort and the live set with the official add of their new single, "Hurts Like Heaven."

"I would love it if in 20 years I would look back on this and think I feel like that's when we started to become really good," you can hear Chris Martin say in the trailer to the film below. Are Coldplay at their best?

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