Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj hit the club in 'Love More' video: Watch

Comedian Nick Swardson also features in latest 'X' clip


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Chris Brown is up to his same old tricks.

The R&B singer hits the club and ogles some booty-popping females in the brand-new video for "Love More," the latest single from Brown's forthcoming sixth (and possibly last) studio album "X." Joining him on the track is prolific guest-spitter Nicki Minaj, making an appearance in the video as a catwalk-striding sex kitten with an appetite for domination. To say that her contribution is the most interesting part of the whole affair unfortunately says less about Minaj than it does about the utter inanity of the song itself (Sample lyric: "We do it like we rock stars/Sexin' in my hotel room, I be so loud/Higher than a smoke cloud"), and the video is assembly-line hip-hop without an ounce of inspiration.

My grade for the video: D+. After watching it below, rate it for yourself at top left.

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